Two years before the mast.

It’s been two years since I left California and headed east to live on the boat. All I can say is there is no change in my feelings about living aboard. Far from getting boring it is getting better. The past two months I have been in Cocoa, Fl, and on the 1st of February I will head north to Titusville. Only about 20 miles but the harbor is better, less exposure to the waves.

Living aboard has different appeal to different people, I like the solitude in the middle of a crowd. I can be alone or with like minded people, my choice. And I meet new friends almost every day.

Next month will be hard again, Feb 5th is the worst day. The last year I had with Helen was a painful bliss. Horrible what was happening, but Helen and I were never so much in love as that last year. I hope she had that always in her mind, I know I carry it with me still.

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