Back at Daytona, again

Moved back to Daytona (Loggerhead Marina) to prepair for my trip north. I will depart on May 1st with my first stop in St. Augustine.

My brother-in-law just moved into a condo across the Halifax River from the marina. Went over for dinner yesterday and had a good time. George's Condo This is George’s Condo taken from Loggerhead Marina.

This morning I got out the kayak and paddled over to the condo. But I didn’t have a phone, and no way of getting in so I turned around and paddled back. I might do the same tomorrow, round trip is 1.5 miles so it’s a good workout. Got in and out of the kayak on my new ladder, worked as advertised, easier then getting in and out at a floating dock. Need to get some wet shoes though.

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