New Chart Plotter (Multi Function Display) To be installed.

I will install a new MFD starting tomorrow. It is the Raymarine A75 to go with the new autopilot and GPS receiver. They will be interfaced to give me more control and easier long passage in the ocean. I have already moved the Lowrance MFD to the Nav station. The Lowrance will also be completly intigrated with the autopilot and the other instruments, but It will not control the autopilot. I have the Lowrance on right now as I am typing this and I am reminded of why I wanted a new one. It has blanked out and restarted three times since I turned it on a half hour ago.

The New A75 Multi Function Display (MFD)

Raymarine A75 MFD

I remember my days at Sperry, I worked this type of equipment on the BIG ships, oil tankers, container ships, large ferries. I will have more and better “Navionics” than any of them at that time. If the Exxon Valdeze had what I have they would not have gone aground. I still can’t understand how that Italian cruise ship did run aground.

Next year I will go for digital radar, viewable from the Raymarine MFD.

I’ll get the 18″ Radome.

Raymarine Radomes

Oh ya….Because I can.

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