My Spring migration to Myrtle Beach is complete.

Lots to catch up on. I have been in Myrtle Beach since Monday, this is Thursday. I left Daytona on May 1st, stayed inside to St. Augustine. It rained real hard just as I entered St. Augustine harbor. Woke up on the 2nd to find a full day of rain and wind, so I remained in St. Augustine. Took a walk to the Sailors Exchange and picked up a rain slicker, the one I had was well worn out. The new one is a well known brand and very well made, Sailors Exchange price, $25.00.

Saturday, May 3rd started a week of really nice weather and I took off for Jacksonville. Got to Jacksonville Beach and stopped at Beach Marine for the night. Sunday I went up to Fernandina, the shrimp festival was in full swing, the harbor was jammed with boats and the docks with people.

Monday I was able to get away about 10 AM and stayed inside to Jekyll Island. Spent the night there to prepair for my first outside foray on this trip. I had originally planned to only go as far as St. Catherine’s Inlet and anchor in Big Tom Creek, but after looking at the charts I decided WTF I’ll go all the way to Port Royal. This would bypass most of Northern Georgia including Savannah. Went outside at Brunswick Harbor to 15 knt winds from the south west and 3 foot seas. Got the sails up and with the new Autopilot working well I set the course for 30 degrees Magnetic and didn’t have to touch a thing until Port Royal, over 100 miles. I met the Port Royal channel at midnight and set my anchor just before the McTeer Bridge 3 1/2 hours later. In the morning I motored up the waterway to Downtown Marina in Beaufort, where I stayed for two nights.

This brings me to May 9th, a Friday. I followed the Intracoastal through Southern South Carolina to Church Creek on Wadmalaw Island off the North Edisto River. At first I thought I would be in for a rocky night, but the wind died and it was as if I were in a marina.

Next day, Saturday, I sailed across the Charleston Harbor to Isle Of Palms, my last marina of the trip. Sunday I went up the ICW past McClellanville without a problem since I made sure I hit Jeremy Creek at high tide. This area is known for very low water at low tide. But I got through and continued on to Big Duck Creek between the North Santee Bay and the ICW, where I threw out the anchor for the last time.

Monday, May 12th dawned bright and windless as I lifted the anchor to head up the Waccamaw River to my summer home at Osprey Marina in Myrtle Beach. Arrived at exactly 2:00 PM. Secured the boat and Ro picked me up to go to dinner and my first night in a real bed since the high wind at Cocoa forced me into a hotel back in January.

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