Mid summer update

First, my trip back north in the spring of 2015, the longest trip so far.

I left Daytona for Myrtle Beach on May 1st, expecting to get to St. Simon’s Island in time to spend some time and then take a trip up to New Jersey to attend the Re Marriage of a couple of Ro’s high school friends. Great party. Stayed at St. Simon’s till June 1st. Nice place, good food, good beaches, friendly people. The restaurant at the marina was pricey but had very good food. Sal’s Pizza was the best I have had south of Brooklyn. I tried to head north once by going outside, but the seas were 7-10′ in the channel and I couldn’t get out.

June 1st I headed north inside. About 15 miles in the back of beyond of Georgia the engine started loosing oil. Stopped overnight just off the ICW at anchor and tried to figure it out, I still had 4 qts of oil so I didn’t call anyone. Next morning I started out and we lost all 4 qts inside a mile. Called BoatsUS and I was towed into Thunderbolt Marina. Got a mechanic to go over the engine, then I did the one thing you shouldn’t do, I mentioned that I thought it might be a leek in the aux oil pressure indicator feed line, BIG MISTAKE. He took it as gospel even though I said it was most probably not the problem, but he saw a drip and removed the feed line. Then he said it was good to go, so the next day I went. Half way to Beaufort the engine seized. Call to BoatsUS again, towed into Beaufort Downtown Marina. Had the mechanic, JD come out, he said the engine was dead, I agreed. Unfortunately JD could not handle a complete engine change so I called in the big boys from Marine Tech in Hilton Head Island. They could do it but the boat had to be at Skull Creek Marina. Called BoatsUS again.

Sidebar: If you own a boat bigger than 20 feet, and you don’t have BoatsUS towing insurance you should get it. All three tows were covered, over $2500 worth of towing for the yearly rate of (about) $150.

Anyway, towed the boat to Hilton Head Island (Skull Creek Marina) and got it set to have the engine changed, then I left to stay in Myrtle Beach with Ro while the work was being done. I’d tell you why I didn’t want to stay, but I don’t like talking bad about big lousy HOAs at big snooty Hilton Head Island Plantations. Not a place I would stay if I didn’t have to. The Marina was great, just hope you don’t have to go ashore.
Engine Installed
July 1st the engine is finally in, I go back down and do sea trials. All is good, brand new engine (Universal 3cyl. Diesel). I am finally on my way to Myrtle Beach. First day out I stop at Port Royal Marina fro lunch, just another cheeseburger in paradise, I fuel up and off I go only to stop at Downtown Marina to wait for the Lady Island bridge. Past that at the 3PM (last) opening and I am finally free from civilization for a while. That night I found a nice anchorage just past Fenwick Cut and spent an uneventful night there. The next day I made it all the way to Isle Of Palms. I was going to stay closer to Charleston Harbor, but the marina I was trying for would not answer the radio.
Oh well, the boat was doing 6.5Knts over the water at 2500 rpms so I was moving faster than I planned and was ahead of schedule. Spent the night in IOP and the next day I got past McCullenville without grounding. Put into Georgetown Landing for the night. Next day it was an easy cruise up to Ospery Marina. Put her in her slip, cleaned her up and went to Ro’s house.

Now, here I am on the 17th of August and I am planning my trip back south to Florida, departing October 1st.

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