The story of the dinghy oars.

Last summer I took a really nice trip to Lookout Point. N. C. couldn’t have had a nicer place to stay for a few days. The first day at anchor I put the motor on the dinghy and we went to shore and over to the beach. Great day, but on the way back I ran out of fuel (D’oh! a Homer moment). So I pulled out the oars and started to row, then the oar lock broke. Paddled like a canoe to the boat. The next day we decided to head back, into a 35knt gale. We were towing the dinghy and I forgot the oars were in there. The dinghy flipped and one oar went to the bottom, (D’oh!, Homer moment #2).


Well I finally go around to trying to replace the missing oar. First, the oars don’t come with the oar lock, so I have to buy new oar locks (The kit only comes as a set of two for the boat, cha ching). But Defender had them so I ordered one oar and the upgrade kit of oar locks. Yesterday the oar lock kit arrives, the oar is back ordered to Europe and won’t be here till the end of September. Today I put in the new oar locks and set up the one oar with the new connection piece. I’ll be waiting for the oar to come, but I leave here October 1st.

Update 9/18/15: The oars came and it was two in the package. Now I have two new oars and everything is fine.

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