Engine instruments connected to the data buss!

I have connected the engine instruments to the data buss for display on the helm and navigation desk MFDs (Multi Function Displays). This will give me the ability to see what the engine oil pressure, temperature, voltage, RPM, and fuel level are without getting on my knees to view the display panel. I used a RS11 interface from NoLand Engineering. It was an easy installation although when I asked Raymarine and NoLand Engineering they both said to ask the other and did not want to guarantee anything. But it went easy, except for the special cables I had to order, and everything is working as it is supposed to. If you would like a complete narrative on the installation let me know, I haven’t been able to find one that describes connecting a NEMA 2000 interface to a Seatalk Ng backbone.

3 thoughts on “Engine instruments connected to the data buss!

  1. Hi Don,

    I really enjoy your blog, very laid back and understated.

    I would be very interested in any further information you have on connecting your instruments to the data bus.

    Many thanks and fair winds.


    • I used a “black Box” from NoLand Engineering, The RS-11 interface. The hardest part (aside from getting all the right connectors) was the computer set-up. The instructions assume you know what they are talking about. Here’s the link: NoLand Engineering

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