The Nomad Has changed!!!

The Nomad, New and almost ready to travel!

October 14, 2016
I have sold the Nomad (sail version) and have placed a deposit on this beauty. A 48′ Tradewinds, TRIPLE stateroom, Trawler. The new adventures of this old nomad are about to begin. Don’t know if it will happen but I am planning on doing the “Great Loop”. Then, in addition to being The Nomad, I will be a “Looper”. This is a trip around the eastern US from Florida to New York, up the Hudson, through the Erie Canal, the Great Lakes, and down the inland waters of the Mississippi & Tom Bigby waterway to Mobile, Alabama, and out into the Gulf of Mexico. That is set to start in spring 2017. Keep an eye on this space for new pictures of the new and improved Nomad (Yep, keeping the name, without a cutesy “II” after it.) and tales of my travel and adventure to come.

Ok, first tale, “The First day”
We found this 48′ Tradewinds Trawler on line after months to searching. We must have looked at a thousand candidates. One was a 48′ Sea-Master that looked beautiful. Triple staterooms, nicely finished galley with ceramic tile back splash, really nice. But for some reason there was no picture of the engine room. I kept asking the broker and he kept stalling. Then hurricane Matthew hit. Got an email the next day “48′ Sea-Master damaged in storm (It’s on the West Coast of Florida) water in the engine room over the engines, boat removed from sale.” I bet the engines were under water well before the storm hit. But THAT’S OK! In the time I was waiting for the sale of the original Nomad to go through I kept looking and found the 48′ Tradewinds trawler I put a deposit on.

We went down to Hilton Head to inspect the boat at Windmill Harbor. The trip started with a very poor breakfast at the Litchfield Diner (that’s twice in a row, never again). But we got to the marina and met our agent and checked out the boat. It was as good as it looked in the pictures! It did show it’s age, being made in 1985. Two soft spots in the deck (none serious) and a few cosmetic problems. But she had all the requisite equipment, three staterooms, sleeping for 6-8 without pulling out a blow up mattress, Full galley with full refrigerator, three zone HVAC system, twin Volvo Penta diesel engines, a Westerbeak 3 cylinder diesel generator, etc., etc., etc. After spending about 2 hours crawling around I decided that this is the one and made an offer. I placed a deposit to show I was serious and hope the offer is accepted.

After completing the paperwork Ro and I started back. Since we were going to pass through Beaufort an the way back we decided to stop at my favorite South Carolina restaurant for pizza, Pinini’s, next to the Beaufort city marina. Had our usual, the Mediterranean, no onions, extra anchovies, and a great micro brew, a Belgian dark pilsner.

After dinner we started back for home, made it over the Charleston Bridges and then the car broke down (I hate cars). The clutch would not engage. Called AAA and had a tow back home. Now the dealer is coming to get the car and figure out what is wrong. I am due to have the old Nomad inspected today for the damage she received during the hurricane, but I don’t have a car to get there. Hope it’s warm enough to take the bike.

Another day, another adventure.

Oh yes, check out the pictures “The new, improved, Nomad”

2 thoughts on “The Nomad Has changed!!!

  1. Congrats!
    Had my boat on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley and many Loopers stopped in the marinas around there on their travels. Hope it works out for you. Looks like a nice boat.

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