Offer accepted! Now the wait for the survey and closing on the old Nomad

The New Nomad
The New Nomad

Hurricane Matthew has really hit here. I took Old Nomad up to Little River to have her put on the hard for protection. Well, the jib was shredded. Insurance will help that. But now the boat is stuck at Grand Dunes Marina because the Socastee swing bridge is closed to marine traffic until further notice (could be 10-15 days). The out of water survey was complete and Friday the in water survey and sea trials will be done.

Mean while down in Hilton Head, My offer on the new Nomad (a 48′ Tradewinds Trawler) has been accepted. Since it is a buyers market I had to drop the price on the old Nomad, but I was able to offset that by getting a good price drop on the new Nomad (actually if it were a sellers market I might have come out worse). Now I need to get the Tradewinds surveyed. Because of the hurricane the travel lift at the marina is out of commission, but it should be back by the end of the week. Unfortunately, the surveyor is backed up with insurance claims and wasn’t able to schedule my boat till Nov. 2nd.

If everything goes as planned I will be out from under on the old Nomad by weeks end and sailing south by November 20th on the new Nomad.

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