Our trip so far…

Since I started north on June 11th a few things have happened.

On the second day out, near Hampsted,NC I finally gave in to all the pressure and had the boat pulled out to see what was causing a 3-5 degree list. We couldn’t find ay water, leak or component busted free to cause such a list. Having had the boat pulled at a special rate that included a one month storage charge, We went home to wait it out.

Couldn’t do it, on the 26th we had the boat returned to the briny and took off, still listing. Spent the first night in Mile Hammock, still a beautiful spot. Next two nights in Oriental, had a problem with my Raymarine C120 MFD. Seacoast Marine sorted it out and the price was more than fair. He’s the only shop around that still does repairs in house.

Then it was on past Belhaven into the Alligator River with a 3 ft following sea and 25knt winds from the south, pure terror. The tender at the Alligator River Swing Bridge refused to answer my call, but opened the bridge. I had to call the Coast Guard to find out if the bridge was even open.

Spent the night at anchor tucked in nice and tight in East Lake at the north end of the Alligator River. Next day was beautiful and the wind was down for our crossing of the Albamarle Sound to Coinjock.

Now we are in Salt Ponds Marina, Hampton VA. Our first long stop on the trip. Here to visit my sister, Angela. A one week stay in a fairly good marina. No restaurant, no bar, but it has a pool.

Yesterday I finally found out what was causing the list, and fixed it. There was an aux fresh water tank installed for when the previous owner went to the Bahamas. 200 gal of water is about 1400 lbs. Drained the tank and the boat was list free.

On Monday we start up the Chesapeake to Annapolis and my other sister, Tina.

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  1. Hi Don. It’s Chuck from C&D. I’m watching this big storm Irma and just wondering what you’re up to these days. I hope you’re safe and doing well and happy. Take care.

    • Hi, Chuck. Irma had little to do with me, no big deal in South Carolina. But it did effect friends of our that we visited in St. Mary’s Ga. Still traveling up and down the ICW. Heading to the west coast of Florida this year, may stay there for the summer, too. How are things at Zodiac?
      After 5 years I sold Nomad and bought a new boat. She’s a 47′ Trawler, also named Nomad.
      The New Nomad
      Read about it here The New Nomad

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