New trip, Returned from VA and are on our way to West Coast of Florida.

We had an uneventful trip up the Chesapeake to Hays, Va. The weather turned bad and that was as far as we got. We returned to Myrtle Beach for the rest of the summer.

On Oct. 1st we started south with the plan to get to Vero Beach before the end of Oct and head for the west coast before December 1st.

After an uneventful trip we landed for a week in St. Mary’s, Ga. We went to visit Ro’s friend from school, Gerry. Anchored in North River because of Hurricane Irma (Long since gone, but she left 32 boats and a marina sunk in the St. Mary’s harbor.) The north river is home to a commercial boat repair facility and because of that the water is filthy, and that came up on the boat.

We left there and are now at anchor (on a mooring ball) in Vero Beach. I learned how to grab a ball in St. Augustine in high wins and strong current. When we got to the nice still waters of the Vero Beach mooring field it was a snap. We will be here for a month and I will use that time to find out all I can about the Okeechobee crossing. It’s a long way from the Stewart anchorage to the Ft. Myers side. I need to spend at least one night in the crossing.

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