I have a new boat.

Two weeks ago I purchased a 2001 Hunter 260. A 26′ sloop that fits all the criteria mentioned in the last post for acceptance in the Windmill Village Marina. I sold the Nomad II to purchase this, The Black Pearl (To be renamed NOMAD III) just to have a boat the right size for the marina. Last Wednesday I sailed her down from Gulf Port, FL (south side of the St. Petersburg peninsula.) For a first time out she handled pretty good, few complaints, and none that can’t be fixed. The rudder needs to have a way to lock it in the down position. There is a pin there that I assume is for that but the hole in the rudder either doesn’t exist or I can not get the rudder down far enough to insert the pin. Just need to work on that, either make a new hole or wait until I pull her out to re-adjust everything. There is no electronics yet, but I have it all at home ready to be installed. The linkage on the motor needs to be inspected. In reverse it goes from Idle to full with no in-between. The clutch linkage gave me some fits by jumping free of the bracket, but I figured out how to reassemble it and used a wire tie to hold the clamp shut in the future. Here are some picture of the trip down.















And of course a picture of the new boat.

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