Extended sea trails

Last Sunday (Feb 24, 2019) We set out from Windmill Marina for some extended sea trails of the auto pilot/navigation system. Down thru the Alligator Creek i was the pilot. I made the course, set the direction and held on to the wheel the whole way. Once we hit Charlotte Harbor I engaged the auto pilot. The first way point was 1.5 miles. I set the autopilot in track and it took the boat directly to the way point, It then alerted me to the fact and asked if I wanted to go to way point #2. I said yes and the AP turned to the new course. This continued for the next three hours. BTW, I pulled up the sails at the first WP and we sailed for the next 3 hours. Beautiful sail.

We were then about an 90 minutes away from Boca Grande harbor and knew that if we continued We would not be back before dark. Not wanting that we turned towards Burnt Store Marina. We pulled in there about 1:30 for lunch. Came out of there about 3PM and headed home. Again the AP worked great and we made it back well before dark.

Our next trip will be our first over-night to Pelican Bay, off Cayo Costa Island. I’ll let y’all know how it comes out.

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