First night on the Nomad III

We took off from the dock at 11AM on a sunny Friday. Took off down the Charlotte Harbor for Boca Grande Isle Marina. The trip took approx 2.5 hours at about 8knts. Nice place but it was a typical sea side tourist town, up scale restaurants and boutiques, nothing new. Some very high end housing and a few maga high end places.

We had lunch at the marina restaurant, which was OK, not great. Why do they always try to “improve” on sandwich classics? How can you improve a BLT? They tried with some kind of special mayo, didn’t work, as I said OK.

We left the marina about 3 PM and headed over to Pelican Bay and Cayo Casta State Park, My favorite near by anchorage. There were about 20 other boats anchored there with room for about 50 more. It was too late to go to the beach so we just lazed around on the boat and waited for the sunset.

Sunset on Pelican Bay 1-16-2020

We had a very nice night on the bay and the anchorage was a calm as ever, well maybe a little rocking but very nice. We got up early and pulled the anchor knowing that the wind was going to come up before noon. The cruise back to Alligator creek was a bit bumpy and the wind continued to build, getting to about 15-20 knts by the time we docked. Docking took three tries, still not used to this boat. But we made it without sink, so it was good. All in all a good time was had, and we are looking forward to our next trip out on the water.

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