St Augustine

What is it with “Fancy” restaurants? They seem to think that if they don’t do something to traditional recipes they will not be called “Fancy”. I’ve had plain BLT given over to weird stuff like avocado and “Miracle Whip”. Plain white toast is rejected completely from the breakfast menu. “Oh, but we make the most delicious croissants you’ve ever tasted, or we have the best home made biscuits you’ve ever tasted.” BS, for breakfast I want plain white toast. Sure, others may like the other junk, but not me. It may not be on the menu but you can buy ONE loaf of white bread for us persnickety people. I’ll even pay for it (At $2.00 for two slices of toast I think I do.) Garlic in Carbonara! That could get you arrested in Rome. This is just my rant, sorry.

St Augustine, let’s get back on subject. Arrived at 3PM and took a mooring ball way out at the end of the field (#52). I have been in this field before and liked it, but today it was cold (65 F) and rocky. But we spent the night. No heat because of no electricity without the generator running. Woke up to bitter cold (52F) and very unhappy. We called in to the marina and, as usual, the St. Aug Muni dock master got to work and found us a slip till Sunday. Great work since this was “Saint Augustine Race Week” and slips were hard to come by. We moved in and settled down with blessed heat.

St. Aug has got to be the worst place for breakfast. There used to be a number of places to eat but most have closed “Mary’s” is still there, but the line goes round the block. A few hotels will serve at 7AM but they are “Fancy” and they dictate what you can have. I know if you are up to it you can go to Georgie’s Diner on Malagar St., but it is a long walk. The restaurants for lunch and dinner vary from “OH! My god!” bad to “Oh, my God!” good. Most are in between. Some are the pretentious type that believe they know better what you want than you do, and they are invariably wrong. You can get good pizza here. Pizza Ally is good. I’ll be up dating my pizza list when I get back home.

All in all St. Aug is still one of the best places to stop in Florida. I wouldn’t stay 4 days if it weren’t.

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