S/V Nomad.

This IS NOMAD:The NomadThe Nomad
A 34′ Aloha, newly christened in Hampton VA.
Aloha 34
My search is over.

7 thoughts on “S/V Nomad.

  1. If I had a vote, which I don’t, I would vote for the 36′ steel hull. She may not be as pretty, but she looks like she would be perfect for what you are wanting her for. My 2nd choice would be the 35′ Pearson.

  2. I just realized you have three sloops, may one ask why no ketch? I just wondered because of what you said you were wanting to do with regard to 2/3day cruises with clients.

    • These are just a sample of what I am looking at. I believe that the really good boats don’t survive on the market long enough to be posted on line. I will not make any commitment until I have made a personal search of the areas I wish to see.

      Sloops, Katches. Yawls, Cutters, center cockpit, aft cockpit, they are all in play. But I think monohull, Cats cost twice as much for 1 2/3rds the boat. (My opinion, yours may be different, but it’s yours)

  3. I like the Bruce Roberts. Wide beam and does it have an aft stateroom? I do agree with Lyn about the Pearson as #2, the Aloha looks stubby (probably just the picture).

  4. I am leery of the Spray. It’s steel (Maintenance issues), it weighs a lot (fuel/speed issues). It has also been for sale for about 2 years with no buyers, at the price I would think she would have been snapped up quick.

    Any way, I can’t really make any decisions until I am free of the house. Most of the really good deals never make it to the net. I have to stop wishin’, got to go fishin, down to rock bottom again. There I go slippin’ off to Parrot Nation again.

    BTW, The Aloha is a complete turn key package. Already in Maryland, all the electronics you could ask for. I knew of the boat before it went up for sale so this is not broker talk. If I could have left here last July I would have bought it then. She is 34′, just 2′ shorter than the Spray, and no bowsprit, they add that measure to the footage when you dock. That’s 6′ X docking fee per month.

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